Chengdu Yitong Seal Co.,Ltd. Is a focus on mechanical seal and dry gas seal research, development, production and sales, technical services for the integration of high-tech enterprises, the headquarters and r&d base set up in the beautiful land of abundance chengdu, there are 23 service agencies throughout the country. Company technology and research and development strength, is the dry gas seal technology innovation and promotion of one of the main seal manufacturers, more than 30 have patents, and was identified as "high-tech enterprise" by the government.

Company since its inception, always adhere to the "talent for this, sincerity" business principles, the industry elite, the foreign advanced technology experience, management method, combined with the enterprise actual, for terminal enterprises with shaft seal a full range of solutions, help enterprises to improve equipment safety and reliability, energy conservation and environmental protection, production safety and sustainable development to provide security for the enterprise.

Company existing staff 300, the reasonable structure of talent, with doctor, master as the main technical backbone, with bachelor degree or above personnel more than 100 people. In order to satisfy the petrochemical enterprises of shaft seal in the aspect of environmental protection, safety and reliable, long cycle of demand, the company invited a Chinese petroleum university Gu Yongquan teacher as a consultant, closely track petrochemical equipment shaft seal technology and industry development characteristics, constantly optimize the dry gas seal and mechanical seal technology, make the users get the best quality products and services and the best return on investment. 

The best products, best service, best credit, chengdu 1 seal co., LTD. Has been in the petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fiber, fertilizer, oil refining, paper making, nuclear power, thermal power, metallurgy, food, medical ?