Plan 72+76
  • 产品介绍

This system meets the requirements of the API682 standard, mainly used to provide buffer gas for the plan72+75 tandem dry gas seal , dilute the dangerous medium leaking from the main seal and take it to the designated discharge line.

The buffer gas pressure must be lower than the seal chamber medium pressure. It suits for the less volatile hydrocarbon medium above C4.

This system is equipped with pressure and flow display, and the pressure on the discharge line can be remotely monitored by pressure and level switch/transmitter. It is in integration design, and easy to install and operate, no maintenance is required during use.


1. Light hydrocarbon medium with high pump outlet pressure and low pressure nitrogen on site.

2. Volatile medium: such as ethylene, propylene, propane, methane, ethane, ammonia, etc.

3. Suitable for the occasion where nitrogen is not allowed in the medium.

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