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Slurry and Desulphurization Pump Mechanical Seal- YTC174


Pressure: 0~1.6MPa (0~16bar)
Temperature: -5~160 ℃
Speed: 0~3600r/min
Shaft Size: 25~350mm

Main Features:
1.Single face design, simple structure, compact size.
2.Elastic elements on the medium side will not contact with the medium to effectively prevent the impurity particles from clogging up.
3. Excellent wear-resistant friction pairs.
4. Multi-spring design with short axle size
5. The design is applicable to the working condition required a flashing pressure lower than 0.1 Mpa.
6. Wide application scope, steady and reliable performance.
7. Cartridge type, easy to install.


Suites for various salt solutions, melting urea, phosphoric acid slurry, sugar solution, dyeing liquid, slurry, liquid medicine and other medium with particles.
Pulp, fiber slurry and other fiber slurry medium.

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