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Metal Bellow Mechanical Seal - YTC151B

Pressure:0~4.2 MPa
100 ~400℃
Shaft Size: 20~200 mm

Main Features: 
1. Comply with API682 standard (for the shaft size of 20~110 mm)
2. Extremely lower leakage and abrasion loss. 
3. 2CW, 3CW dual face tandem structure, contacting type mechanical seal. Aopting metal bellow compensation method, when the primary seal fails, the secondary seal will take effect to prevent large leakage of process medium. 
4. Wave plate welding adopts optimal bevel design to at max. reduce the welding point heat effect destressing. When it rotating, the particles will be thrown out to keep the cleanness of the wave plate.
5. Simple structure with compact size. 
6. Different seal structure and material composition can be designed as per specific working condition. 
7. Cartridge type, easy to install.


Suits for all kinds of chemicals, high and low temperature medium, corrosive medium. 

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