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Agitator Dry Gas Seal - YTCG203/YTCG203KH

Main Features:

1. Dual face dry gas seal structure. Use "gas blockage" principle to replace "liquid blockage" principle, and stop the medium by the seal gas. To guarantee the zero leakage, the seal gas pressure should be 0.2~0.3 Mpa higher than the seal chamber to meet the VOC emission standard.
2. The bearing is optional; L type structure stationary ring design reduce the end face deflection; special floating ring structure design avoids the seal ring to be pushed out; Designed “drainage system” (optional) reduces the medium pollution rick when the seal is failed; FDA approved contacting material can be used in food and medicine industries. As per the sterilization requirement, a special sterilization channel can be designed to sterilize the seal chamber and inner part of the equipment.
3. Cartridge design, easy to install, suits for up stir working.
4. Non-contacting running, energy-saving, safe and environmental protected, easy to operate, maintenance free.


Shaft Size: 25-350mm


1. Suits for flammable explosive, virulent, harmful medium for various reactors and mixers.
2. Also suits for the environment that does not allow the medium to be polluted.
3. Also suits for the working condition that allows less seal gas to enter.

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