• 产品介绍

Main Features: 

1. The primary seal is mechanical seal, the secondary seal is non-contacting dry gas seal and the oil side also is mechanical seal.
2. Static type, balanced and multi-spring design is suitable for high speed running. Non-cartridge structure.The medium of the primary seal is the process medium itself. Secondary seal medium is the mix gas of the outer buffer gas and process medium.
3. During normal working, the primary seal holds all the medium pressure, and the secondary seal is working under lower pressure or normal pressure. When the primary seal is failed, the secondary seal will be the main seal and work at least 8 hours.
4. Modular design, easy to install, maintenance free .
5. Non-contacting running, energy-saving, safe and environmental
protected, with working life of more than 3 years

Shaft Size: 


Suits for clean fluid medium.
Especially applied for volatile and less volatile hydrocarbon medium in both high or low temperature, high or low pressure working environment. 

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